Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Roundup

I had one of the best weekends I have had in a while this past weekend. I had so many fun events and was surrounded by positivity and light hearted fun, I definitely didn't want the fun to end!

I went to a super fun OC Blogger Event at West Elm in Costa Mesa with one of my closest girlfriends Lindsey of Stay Styled Blog. We met so many other great bloggers and it was such a great evening chatting about a passion and love we all share with one another - blogging! I just love being around so many positive and supportive women, and the event was so fun, not to mention we were surrounded by so much beauty in the West Elm store.

My mom was also here over the weekend and she bought my little guy his new favorite toy, he absolutely LOVES this thing and it keeps him so busy! 

I am in the process of working with an amazing boutique called Waves of Attire right now and this weekend I got to spend some time shopping in their fabulous mobile boutique... more to come about that later!! 

We ended the weekend with a family day in Santa Monica. We had so much fun just walking around, shopping and people watching. I cherish the time the three of us have alone because it doesn't happen too often since we are always so busy! Raj also graduated to the "big boy" seat in his Bugaboo stroller... *tear* but I do have to admit, he LOVES it and looks so darn cute in it!

Did I mention we went shopping?? And I came home with these beauties... I am in love! 

Hope everyone has a fab week!!

With love,