Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy 1 Year Birthday to The Southcoast Movement

Wow, a year already?! What an exciting year this has been. It is pretty safe to say that the first year of The Southcoast Movement was one of the best years of my entire life.

I started to blog after years of promising myself I would one day start one. I had admired and followed other bloggers post college and knew that it would be such a great personal and creative outlet for myself. By nature, I tend to have a creative thought process and although I am known to be a little more reserved and shy, there is something about the written word that helps me to express my true thoughts and emotion. When I found out I was pregnant with Raj, I knew I just had to start and that " later" had to become "now" and I promised myself that in order to be an example to my son, I would live my life doing instead of promising. 

Blogging began as a hobby and a way to share my sense of fashion and travel diaries, but it has recently become so much more than that. It was the best tool I used to track my growing belly with photos while I was pregnant last year, and more recently it has become something so much more personal - a place to connect with new friends, old friends, and an entire new community of amazing women. The blogger world is full of so many inspiring and wonderful people, and as I begin to get more involved with the blogging community, I find that I love it more than I could have imagined.

I thankful for all of the wonderful opportunities blogging has recently brought to me. I love seeing TSM grow, and I am so excited to see where this next year takes me. I have so many new projects and exciting things planned ahead and I am humbled and honored with the opportunity to continue to live this beautiful life going full speed ahead... and writing all about it.

On a personal note, thank you to my amazing husband for always being by my side supporting my dreams and always cheering me on. I am thankful for your constant support and fearless nature... and I am even more grateful that you know how to handle and operate a camera as beautifully as you do! Thank you for being my partner on this journey and for helping to provide these endless inspirations... mainly, thank you for always encouraging my growth, both personally and in my career. 

Thank you to Rajan for being my constant motivation, for bringing me to a level of joy and happiness I never could have imagined, and for being the reason your Dad and I fight so hard to make something of ourselves and leave an imprint on this world together - for our family.

Thank you to my amazing family - my mom, my dad, The U's, my siblings, cousins, aunts, EVERYONE for always sharing my posts and showing your interest and support for this passion of mine.

Most importantly... Thank you to all of my readers for taking the time to dive into my brain and my life a few times every week. Your messages, your comments, your constant support and love is what keeps me writing and you all inspire me every day to give more and to use my heart along with my brain power in writing. I love that I now have this forum to watch the evolution and change of my own family, and now especially for Rajan to have to look back on so he can know and remember me, our family and the different eras of his life.

Happy Birthday to
The Southcoast Movement

Thank you all for your endless love and support!

With love,