Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Roundup

Raj and I had such a wonderful weekend back in my hometown with my family. D was in Vegas for the weekend for a Bachelor Party and so Raj and I decided to spend the weekend at Nana's house (my mom). It was so nice to get away for a bit and have some downtime, not to mention Nana love is always much appreciated!

My mom watches my niece Audri every Thursday and Friday and so we were so lucky to get some good time in with her. We surprised her with our early arrival on Thursday and she was SO excited to see her baby cousin Rajan. She just loves him so much and takes such great care of him, it fills my heart up to see the love she has for him, she even refers to him as "MY Baby Rajan," I just know these two will have such a special relationship!

Friday afternoon we went for a nice walk with my family. Rajan just loves exploring his new world and loved every minute of his walk, he is such a curious little guy and you can see his little mind working all day long; I can't wait to see and hear all of the ideas and thoughts he has. 

Friday night we celebrated my niece's birthday at Chuck-e-Cheese. I am not the biggest fan, and I don't quite know how Raj felt about the characters, but he sure did love all of the rides and games. Is it just me, or does this place make you super nervous about the spread of so many germs? I tried really hard to not be a nervous wreck the entire night.

I come from such an athletic/sports loving family and spending my weekends at the ball park is nothing new to me. Since I have moved away from home one of the things I miss the most is going to all of my nephews (who is also my Godson) games. Whenever I am in town I try to go and show my support. This was Rajan's first time attending a baseball game and it was really cute to see him staring out at all of the players, I think it may be safe to say he just might become a baseball fan! 

This bib you see Raj wearing has become one of my favorite discoveries since becoming a mom. They are called "bibdanas" and are so fun because they have all of the functionality of a bib but are so much more stylish. The one he is pictured wearing is by Mama Sew Happy, I just love all of their products and styles for little babes!

These last few pictures were some of my favorites from the weekend. My grandparents came by to visit with Rajan and had a chance to play with him for a bit. They both mean so much to me, and with my Grandmother's health not too great these days, she hasn't really been able to hold or love on Rajan too much because she hasn't had to strength. It meant so much to me when she asked to hold him without any assistance, and he really seemed to feel comfortable with her, even after she held him for a minute, he kept reaching to grab her hand and held on to her for a bit, such a special moment.

Well, the weekend is over, and Monday is here. D is back home, back to work, and Raj and I are ready for our last full week together before my maternity leave ends next week. I can not believe this guy will be 4 months this week! Where is the time going? I plan on cherishing every last minute with him before my maternity leave officially comes to an end. 

Have a wonderful week!

With love,