Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had such a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend...

I snapped these precious photos of my little sweet guy last week, I have so much fun taking pics of him, he loves cheesing it up for the camera!

Valentine's Day morning we woke up to a very happy and smiley little boy, he must have known we had a great day ahead. We smothered him with some morning smooches and he got to open his sweet little Valentine's Day gifts from his very first Valentine's - Mommy and Daddy! 

[Jammies: Target]

Daddy has been putting in a lot of overtime at work lately. The dealership he owns has recently expanded to a larger dealership - such great news, so much work! We really wanted to spend Valentine's Day together as a family, and even though D had to stop in to the dealership to take care of some business for a few hours, it was such a proud moment to take Rajan and let him spend some time with Dad at work, we are so proud of PCH Auto Sports and their growth! 
(new building still under construction)

Family dinner for 3 in Laguna Beach - I was so lucky to have two of the most handsome Valentine's Day dates!

We came to a very hilarious realization this weekend that this little guy is growing very quickly and we got a nice little giggle at his expense... where is the time going?? Love my little chubster! 

Really?? Does it get any more handsome??!! D has so much fun getting this little guy ready for the day.

Sunday we had such a wonderful time celebrating this beautiful bride-to-be. Neena is my soon-to-be sister in law (although we truly are sisters at heart), and she is also Rajan's God-mother. She means so much to us, and its such an honor to call her a friend and sister and to go through this incredible experience with her! We can't wait for the rest of the festivities! 

[my dress: H&M]

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, Raj and I have a busy week ahead... I can't believe I start back to work in 2 weeks, eeek! 

Happy Monday!

With love,