Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Love Day

Today I am sharing one of my favorite gifts I have ever received from Darshan. He gave it to me on Valentine's Day 2007, and it has always been so special to me because I know it came from his heart. He went to a flower shop, picked out flowers based on their "meaning" and made a bouquet to represent our relationship. He included with it this little description of why he picked each flower. Since this always meant so much to me, I also used this exact arrangement as my bouquet on my wedding day, and together we added one more flower to represent our wedding day. We put on each guest table a description of the "Bride's Bouquet" so that everyone could know the meaning of what my bouquet represented. 

Please enjoy this very special gift that I continue to cherish year after year...

"As with the facets of life, love has its phases that test our commitment, promote our devotion, and help bring about the best virtues in one another. Our love has endured and prospered through all the various phases. The colorful floral arrangement is emblematic of these transitions and chapters in our two year journey.

The lily, while a beautiful common flower symbolizes the creation of our relationship. It symbolizes the youth, the excitement, and the unpredictability that is the essence of the "first days." The center of the lily contains a dark brown substance that can easily stain and rupture. This shows the vulnerability of a relationship in this stage, however; you and I went virtually unscathed and bloomed with promise.

The youthful and jubilant peach-yellow roses symbolize the initial stage of our relationship. These gaudy roses lack depth and true meaning, however; are important, because blooming in this period of our relationship establishes the ever-lasting virtues of admiration, sympathy, appreciation, and gratitude.  These roses also symbolize the turbulence that can occur at this stage as you can see the vivid multi-colored nature of the rose.  Regardless of the turbulent and volatile nature of this passionate rose; it remains visually stunning in bloom. The bloom of this rose evokes joy, freedom, physical desire and most importantly, friendship.

The sweet and more innocent pink rose represent our poetic romance, fun times, and overall light heartedness. The pink paired with the red rose symbolize our strong passion and love for one another. More importantly, the deep pink rose captures your elegance, gracefulness, gentility, refinement, and of course: style.

The eternally figurative rose of love: the red rose, symbolizes much more in our relationship than just love. Our red roses symbolize our respect for one another, the true foundation of our relationship. It characterizes the spirit of love that our relationship embodies. These red roses, symbolize more than just love; it symbolizes our love. This rose signifies the later stages of our relationship in which real love was realized.

Last, but certainly not least, the reverent white rose. This rose encapsulates and describes every feature of our relationship and adoration.  Our white rose stands the test of time and epitomizes love that is stronger than death, purity, while retaining youthfulness. It truly is the flower of the light, which makes our love spiritual and induces an anticipation of happiness. This magnificent and majestic rose is a symbol of our current state: Unity and Togetherness.

This day is more than just "Valentine’s Day," a commercial holiday.  It is a day to celebrate our love and union that is so different from all others.  All these brilliant and exemplary pieces of nature are for you, however; they portray our growth during challenging times, and most importantly:
They celebrate our ever-strengthening relationship."

-Darshan Upadhyaya
Valentine’s Day 2007

and added on our wedding day...

The spiritual purple flower added to represent our wedding day symbolizes our eternal union.  This union uplifts our spirits, calms the mind, and enhances the sacred. Our purple rose combines the cool, calm, and passive blue with the focused, dynamic energy of red which come together to create fulfillment and vitality.

My husband means the world to me, he is my best friend and someone who I look up to. Sometimes it is unbelievable to look back on the journey we have give on together.

 This also happens to be our little guy's first Valentine's Day, and just who do you think he asked to be his Valentine?! 
Mommy, of course! 

So today, we had a sweet little date in the park and my husband was sweet enough to capture our fun time together!

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day with their loved ones!

With love,

On me:
Skirt: Nordstrom // Shoes: Christian Louboutin // necklace: Forever 21 (old) similar found here

On Raji:
Button down: Baby Gap // jeans: Baby Gap // Shoes: Baby Gap // Suspenders: H&M