Tuesday, February 3, 2015

10 Years

A little over 10 years ago, I met my best friend. He walked into my work at American Eagle and I fell in love… with his shoes. Yes, his shoes! His brand new, “so in” Diesel shoes that were paired ever so perfectly with his popped-collared polo and perfectly tailored khakis, a man who knew fashion; it is easy to say it was love at first ensemble. Just a few months later on February 3, 2005, and we were officially “official” in what I like to call a frat boy/sorority girl match made in heaven.

To this day, I still sometimes cannot believe all of the life experiences we have embarked on together. From sleepless nights in college where we were side by side on our PC’s swamped in endless amounts of college essays, to today, sleepless nights where we are side by side rocking our beautiful son to sleep. Darshan said it perfectly this morning over breakfast while looking at Rajan, “10 years ago, did you ever think we would be here? Ocean view condo, eating bagels with our 3 month old son sitting between us on the couch?” The answer? No way!

Contrary to what many have always believed over the last 10 years of our union, things were really never easy for us. Darshan is a first generation son (only son), of two hard working Indian immigrants. He is the first in his family to be born in America, the first grandson on both family sides, and the apple of his entire family’s eye. I come from a more American cultured family; I am fourth generation Mexican with a hyper religious Christian background, and I am the middle child of 4 siblings. On paper, we couldn’t be more of a mismatch. When we first started dating, there were so many fears and so many challenging ahead: what would our parents think about one another? How would our families feel about us being together? What would blending the two families really mean, and how would we even accomplish that?

Fast-forward ten years, and here we are. We are both double degree college graduates, we have been married for 3 ½ years, we have traveled the world together, we just had our first child, we own a joint corporation, The Southcoast Movement, Inc. (in case you were ever wondering where the blog name comes from), and under our corperation we own two businesses with plans of expansion to many more. We live a beautiful life, a life I could have never imagined for myself, and we are happy and still so in love with one another that it pains us to spend a night apart, and we crave more days, hours and minutes with each other. We are happy, and we are healthy. But there is so much more to that…

Our union, our son, and our story represents so much more than two hard-working young adults who are trying to make something of themselves. We represent the practice of acceptance. For Darshan, myself, our parents, and the rest of our entire families and friends who had to release their ideas and beliefs to accept not just us, but one another… because for us, it was never just two people who were in love and got married. We are the blend two races, two cultures, and two religions. We are the truest example that two vastly different cultures can coexist, and that is something even more beautiful than we could have ever imagined, that is a gift that we are so honored to give to our son. We are proof that race, color, religion and background do not matter, what matters, is the respect for mankind and respect for one another and people of different race and cultures. Our story, our journey, and our family is the symbol of what beauty can exist when we strip away all of the stereotypes and stigmas, and simply just love and accept one another. It was never easy making this happen, but we did it. It is the most beautiful thing to witness our two families together; growing and learning from one another. It is sad to say, that still in the year 2015, this still is a struggle for so many. We are thankful to our parents, who put all of their fears aside and chose to love and accept our unity and each other’s families instead of forbidding us from each other.

So today, 10 years later, and 10 years stronger, when we look into the eyes of our beautiful bi-racial son, it is with pride and with honor that we represent something so beautiful – acceptance and love for humankind. Rajan is the truest symbol of acceptance.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to my best friend, my soul mate, and my favorite human. I love you, and I love our journey.

Please enjoy a little throwback of our amazing engagement photo shoot from the famous and talented Gerry Garcia.

(wedding save-the-date)

With love,