Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Oatmeal Muffins

This morning I woke up thinking I wanted to try something new to serve Rajan for breakfast. I have shared before how he is a very picky eater and that we do Occupation Therapy for his sensory sensitivity, so I am always looking for new foods to try out and introduce him to. Bread textures can always go one of two ways with him, the softer breads he usually tends to be ok with, but anything more crispy and toasty he is not a fan of. He used to love oatmeal a ton, and I am not sure if he got burned out on having it or if his preference for it changed, but lately he refuses oatmeal anytime I offer it to him, even if it is mixed with fruit. I thought I would try to look up some easy-to-throw-together recipes that have oatmeal in them and came across this super easy Oatmeal Muffin recipe. I already had all of the ingredients in my pantry and thought if I replaced a couple of items with some healthier options that this would make a great breakfast item for Raj; and since muffins are more soft I thought he may even really enjoy them!

The verdict... he LOVED them!!! Such a major mom-score there. I was so happy and excited that I found another food we can add to the list, its been tough not feeding him the same things over and over again, he is growing pretty tired of his regular meals. 

I wanted to share the recipe here with my substitutions. I didn't change much except for replacing the regular ingredients with some organic ones... 
(original recipe found here)

- 1 cup milk
(since this was for Raj I used organic whole milk so it would be more fatty)
- 1 egg
- 1/4 cup vegetable oil 
(can be substituted with applesauce or puree banana)
- 1 cup all purpose flour 
(I replaced with organic whole wheat flour)
- 1/4 cup white sugar 
(or organic sugar cane)
- 1 teaspoon baking soda 
(I was out so I used 3 teaspoons of baking powder)
- 1/2 teaspoon salt
- 1 teaspoon cinnamon

Preheat oven to 425°F (220°C). Grease 12 muffin cups or line with paper muffin liners.

In a small bowl, combine milk and oats. Soak for 15 minutes.

In a separate bowl, beat together egg and oil; stir in oatmeal mixture. In a third bowl, sift together flour, cinnamon, sugar, baking soda and salt. Stir flour mixture into wet ingredients, just until combined. Spoon batter into prepared muffin cups until cups are 2/3 full.

Bake in preheated oven for 15-25 minutes or until a tooth pick inserted in center of muffin comes out clean.

Next time I might get bold and add some mini chocolate chips or raisins, what a treat that will be for him!

Bon app├ętit!
(don't mind our messy morning hair)

Hope your little ones (or you) enjoy them as much as we did!

With love,

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

dress c/o, sold out, similar styles sold here || white tote c/o || shoes, similar here

I have been squeezing in as many white outfits and accessories as possible over the last few weeks because I know fall is creeping up on us quickly. Even thought we all know it will still be warm in California for a few more weeks, it is fun to think about how next weekend is Labor Day which technically means the end of white. Honestly, I know no one follows the 'don't wear white after Labor Day' rule, I especially don't, but this is a super summery style dress so I am trying to get a ton of use for it now!

Anyone remember the brand Kipling from our school days?! I totally remember having a mini backpack back in the day from their brand, and I was so excited to have reconnected with the brand recently. I LOVE this vanilla colored tote and love it paired with virtually anything. It has been so nice to use as a diaper bag, its big enough to fit all of our essentials but not too heavy or bulky so it doesn't get in the way when I am chasing Raj down aisles at the store. The quality of the Kipling bags are so great, and they are easy to keep clean, and stains and smudges wipe right off. This is definitely a great investment bag, I love this style, and I also picked up a mini backpack from their line which I have also been rotating out with this one! 

 Anyone else trying squeeze in all of your white ensembles before Labor Day? I am totally a supporter of pretty winter whites so I refuse to say farewell quite yet... that is definitely the California girl in me!

With love,

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Still in Full Effect

top || pants || shoes, sold out, similar here

I have been well aware that so many of my peers have started sharing some gorgeous Fall style inspiration, and while I love everything I am seeing so far in Fall trends... my heart is not ready to let summer go. It is August, and if we are being real here, this is California... we won't be seeing anything even remotely close to fall weather for at least another two months! Honestly, I am ok with that, I am still in summer mode and my style lately is 100% proof of that. I snagged these adorable pants a few weeks ago and they have since gone on sale, they were already a phenomenal deal to begin with, but now they are less than $16, whaaaat! The quality is pretty great for the price, they are super comfortable, but the quality is nice enough to wear for a dressier occasion like I styled it here. They run true to size, there is an elastic waistband so they are a pretty safe bet.

These are honestly the best interchangeable pants I have, they looked so wonderful over the weekend for brunch paired with this gorgeous OTS blouse (also an insane steal) and heels, but to stay I wore this look with heels all day would not be true. I actually went home and switched this look up to run some errands, I threw on some sneakers and a tee and loved the look just as much. Next week I will be sharing those pictures with you because I thought as much as I write about how easy it is to change the look of an item, I better start showing it!

I am so excited to share that I am currently in the process of some HUGE changes here on the blog... I am doing my best to always provide the best content I can, and in doing so, when I see some things need to be updated, I am sure to make that happen; be sure to check back for some major improvements soon!! I can't share too much yet, but it is exciting to be on this journey and I look forward to sharing some exciting things with you over the next month!

This look the first of two ways with part two coming to you next week, 
be sure to check back for it!

With love,

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Subtly pink

jacket via Nordstrom, sold out, similar here || tee || jeans || shoes, sold out, similar here (from same site)

Wearing color has been pretty hard for me to commit to lately. I go through so many different style phases where I am really into florals, prints, and colors for a bit, then I stop and don't want to wear any of it and I find myself wearing mostly black, white, and grey. To be 100% honest, the latter seems to be true about 90% of the time, it always has been. Because I know I feel more safe in simple color tones, from time to time I do like to add little pieces of color statement pieces to break up the black and white flow. I didn't always love pink, but I find myself gravitating to it more these days, and when I saw these shoes from one of my favorite budget friendly websites, SheIn, I knew I had to have them. They were listed as the last pair available and were my size, and even better, they were only $12!!! I almost feel bad that I took the last pair of such a great shoe, but not bad enough that I won't be wearing them all over town... sorry for those who missed out! The quality and style of the shoe is actually pretty fabulous, especially considering the price, so I have already been browsing more of SheIn's shoes and have a couple more I want to order which I linked down below for you...

This is probably one of my favorite styled looks. There is nothing better than a fresh white tee with some fun swing to it, distressed denim, a leather jacket, and some fun accessories.

What are you go-to colors? Anyone else have a color that seems to consume their closet?!

With love,

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Canopy Style

I am so excited to introduce you to a new brand I am working with called Riding Hoods. We have a Bugaboo 'Cameleon' stroller in all black, and when we purchased it one of the things we loved most about it was that the canopy has the ability to be changed for other colors. You all know how much I love black, but I also love to give the items I own a fresh face every now and then, and I knew that having that flexibility with a stroller I was going to use for 3-5 years would be fun to have. In comes Riding Hoods, one of my new favorite stroller accessory lines. Although Bugaboo does make stroller canopies that you can buy and add to your stroller, they typically always have the same colors, which is not a bad thing, but sometimes it is fun to make things a little bit more personal and that is exactly what Riding Hoods does. Riding Hoods makes canopies for your strollers in custom colors, prints, and will even monogram them, how wonderful is that?! 

We tried out our pretty red canopy for the first time at the Happiest Place on Earth last week (Disneyland, obviously) and I absolutely loved that our stroller felt so Mickey Mouse themed. Maybe that is a little bit cheesy, but call me cheesy because I love fun stuff like that. What made it even more great was that when we parked our stroller to get on rides, it was so easy to find and spot our stroller in the stroller parking since it stood out so much compared to every other stroller. The canopy was so distinct and easy to find, and I absolutely loved that! 

We also recently ordered another canopy in white, and this time around we had it monogrammed. I am excited to take that one back to Disneyland next time because with a monogrammed stroller canopy, not only will it be easy to find our stroller, but it is kind of nice that no one else can claim it... I always get so paranoid when leaving our stroller left unattended!

If you have a little one and have been wanting to add some 'spice' to their stroller style, definitely take the time to check out Riding Hoods. They have so many great colors, prints, and even different types of fabric to choose from which will be wonderful for all types of weather. 

By the way, can I just tell you how much fun we have had having our Disney passes?! We have gotten so much great use out of having them, and since mine and D's 'entertainment' budget is almost nothing compared to before having Raj since we really don't go to the movies and out like we used to, we have kind of applied that monthly budget to Disney passes which makes them worth every penny. We love going and spending the evening or a quick afternoon there, Raj loves it so much, and he has become such a little Disney lover that it makes it even more fun to see him light up over seeing his favorite movie characters. We are currently in a Toy Story obsession phase, and oh my gosh did he freak out when he saw them live last week! These are the moments that you live for as a parent, it truly does just get more fun seeing them grow.

Riding Hoods is currently offering all of my readers 20% off your purchase with them until August 18!!!!
Use code southcoast16 at checkout to receive your discount, 
I promise you will LOVE your canopy!!

With love,